Drive New Customers to Your Spa, Salon, or Clinic - Without Spending Money on Ads

Social Media Marketing for Personal Services - Simplified

We specialize in helping spas, salons and clinics attract new clients by leveraging their existing online community, assigning Brand Fans and turning those Fans into advocates for your business - 100% organically.

#1 Create Beautiful Content With Ease

Our professional photo and video templates allow you to create quality content in a snap! Share before and after photos, client reviews and informational content about your services across your go-to social media channels, without logging in and out of multiple accounts.

#2 One-Time Scheduling

No more logging in and out of multiple accounts just to post and manage your social media. CROWDSHARE™ streamlines the entire process for you. Create, caption, hashtag, share and done!

#3 Boost Brand Awareness

You know those clients that rave about you every time they come in? Those clients would be happy to share your content with their followers if they had an easy way to do so. Our app automatically notifies your designated Fans every time you post so they can share your work, allowing you to attract new customers with ease. Just for being you.

#4 Measure Your Success

Once your Fans start sharing your content, you’ll experience an immediate boost in engagement, followers and new customers. With our analytics dashboard, you’ll receive real-time feedback that will help you create the most effective content strategy for your business.

Your Future Clients Are Just Around The Corner


Referral leads have a 30% greater conversion rate and a 16% higher lifetime value than leads obtained through other marketing sources. Our specialty is generating entirely organic referral business using the power your of crowd!



Medical spa marketing and spa ads can be hard to scale. And with ever-changing algorithms, generating new clients via social media may seem like a daunting task. Eliminate that hassle that comes along with med spa advertising! When you use CROWDSHARE™, you get access to an all-in-one scheduler and up to 200 brand Fans who will be notified to share your content every time you post.


Digital marketing for salons has never been easier or more accessible! Showcase your work to the masses without paying for salon ads. With the CROWDSHARE™ app, your fans will be automatically notified every time you post. Fans will receive push notifications within 10 seconds of your new activity, allowing them to reshare your content and immediately drive your ideal customers right to your social profiles.


CROWDSHARE™ users are able to get in front of 1,000+ new people every time they post. *Accurate? Your healing hands are needed in your community! Get booked out for weeks in advance and become the not-so-well-kept secret in your area.


Get More Leads With CROWDSHARE™

CROWDSHARE™ helps you manage your social media like no other platform while extending your organic reach through your friends, colleagues, family, employees, customers and everyone else! When your content is ready CROWDSHARE™ lets them know it’s time to share! In less than 10 seconds your Fans can share your posts.

Harness The Power Of Your Crowd!

What's The Best Plan For My Business?

CrowdShare offers an array of plans to suit your Brands needs. The Basic plan is anything but. It’s a great way to get started with CrowdShare. Need a bit more punch? From Advanced to Agency, CrowdShare has just the option for you.

Up to 1 Brand
Up to 10 Fans
Up to 20 Fans
2 Brand Managers
Up to 2 Brands
Up to 50 Fans
3 Brand Managers
Analytics Dashboard
Photo Editor
Video Editor
Up to 3 Brands
Up to 200 Fans
5 Brand Managers
Analytics Dashboard
Photo Editor
Video Editor
Up to 5 Brands
Up to 1000 Fans
10 Brand Managers
Analytics Dashboard
Photo Editor
Video Editor
Up to 5 Agency
Owned Brands
30 Clients Accounts
Up to 5 Managers
Share with 100 Fans
Analytics Dashboard
Photo Editor
Video Editor

Still Don’t See A Plan For Your Brand?

Enterprise options are available. Schedule a one-on-one consultation with CrowdShare to see if an Enterprise is right for you.