Leverage Your Fanbase, Increase Brand Exposure & Sell More Tickets - With CROWDSHARE™

Fan-Based Sports & Recreation Marketing

Develop, expand and improve relationships with your most valuable sources of revenue - your Fans. CROWDSHARE™ transforms your biggest fanatics into Brand Fans on social media, driving organic traffic to your content with the push of a button.


#1 Social Media Management Made Easy

We’re the perfect all-in-one social media management solution for sports - from the NCAA to professional teams, using the CROWDSHARE™ app reduces time spent managing social media while simultaneously boosting organic reach and engagement.

#2 Schedule Everything At Once

Schedule your content for all social platforms from a single place. There’s no need to log in and out of every account just to manage your team’s social media.

#3 Automate Fan Notifications

Increase your organic reach, drive engagement and attract new followers with ease. Your Fans love you - and they would be eager to share your content if they had an easy way to do so.

#4 10X Your Fanbase

Designate up to 200 Brand Fans and experience the compound effect that comes along with using CROWDSHARE™. Within seconds of your latest post, our app will prompt your Fans to share your content with their followers, driving fresh eyes to your Brand without spending money on ads.

Grow Your Fan Family & Boost Sports Revenue - 100% Organically


Sports marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. By leveraging the power of advocacy marketing, our easy-to-use platform transforms your existing fan base into designated Brand Fans who will share your latest events and announcements with their followers, increasing your social media reach by as much as 1,000 new views per post. Become the most followed sports team on platforms like Instagram when you use CROWDSHARE™.


Create quality content that shows off the magic behind the scenes, what makes your team special and promote upcoming events by using our all-in-one scheduler that comes with photo and video templates, along with professional editing tools. Attract new sports sponsorship marketing opportunities - just for being you.

Track Your Success & Drive Sports Revenue

Easily track who shares your content with the CROWDSHARE™ dashboard to quickly determine your most popular content, so you can run with a social media strategy that works. By giving Fans an easy way to commemorate and share your big moments, your community will expand exponentially, leading to more Fans, more sales and more moments to celebrate.


Attract More Fans With CROWDSHARE™

CROWDSHARE™ helps you manage your social media like no other platform while extending your organic reach through your friends, colleagues, family, employees, customers and everyone else! When your content is ready CROWDSHARE™ lets them know it’s time to share! In less than 10 seconds your Fans can share your posts.

Harness The Power Of Your Crowd!

What's The Best Plan For My Team?

CrowdShare offers an array of plans to suit your Brands needs. The Basic plan is anything but. It’s a great way to get started with CrowdShare. Need a bit more punch? From Advanced to Agency, CrowdShare has just the option for you.

Up to 1 Brand
Up to 10 Fans
Up to 20 Fans
2 Brand Managers
Up to 2 Brands
Up to 50 Fans
3 Brand Managers
Analytics Dashboard
Photo Editor
Video Editor
Up to 3 Brands
Up to 200 Fans
5 Brand Managers
Analytics Dashboard
Photo Editor
Video Editor
Up to 5 Brands
Up to 1000 Fans
10 Brand Managers
Analytics Dashboard
Photo Editor
Video Editor
Up to 5 Agency
Owned Brands
30 Clients Accounts
Up to 5 Managers
Share with 100 Fans
Analytics Dashboard
Photo Editor
Video Editor

Still Don’t See A Plan For Your Brand?

Enterprise options are available. Schedule a one-on-one consultation with CrowdShare to see if an Enterprise is right for you.