CrowdShare is The New Word-of-Mouth

Mighty-yet-simple. Feature-packed. CrowdShare is the next-gen solution that gives businesses the power to expand their reach exponentially, interact with their most valued customers, and share content across all of their favorite social media networks. People want to buy from people they know, like, and trust. Our goal is to change the way we connect business to people, so we’ve created a platform that fosters authentic connection, loyalty, and trust by connecting Brands to Fans.


First, Let's Give Back

CrowdShare isn't just a platform - it is an ecosystem. We are a community that lives and breathes the same heart of generosity. That's why we’re committing to supporting a crowd-chosen cause. Help us help your cause. Nominate your favorite charity and get 3 months of CrowdShare FREE.

Nominate Your Cause

Think Big (even if you're small)

We're here to provide an accessible solution to all so that even the smallest business can grow and compete against the guys with limitless marketing budgets. The current market lives and dies by Brand engagement; in order to touch the lives of many, you must extend your reach to include everyone who shares your vision.


Your friends, colleagues, family, employees, and customers want nothing more than to support your Brand. But life (and ever-changing algorithms) get in the way. Your posts get buried during peak times, and despite being consistent on social media, your Brand still isn’t getting the attention it deserves. If only there was a way to connect with your Fans and get access to their followers, without asking for shout-outs or paying for ads.


The first of its kind, CrowdShare helps you manage your social media while expanding your organic reach every time you post. Once your content is posted, CrowdShare lets your Fans know it’s time to share! In less than 10 seconds, your Fans can share your posts and move on with their day. It’s as simple as that

How It Works


Optimize your social assets to look professional on any platform. Our built-in photo and video editing tools make content creation a breeze. Keep your team organized, productive and on-Brand with our easy-to-use visual planner.


Our analytics dashboard provides real-time data on all of your posts, so you can easily determine the effectiveness of your efforts and create a killer content strategy for your Brand.


Once you assign Brand Fans, they’ll be automatically notified and prompted to share your content every time you post. Get 1,000+ new views per post without the heavy lifting. You make the magic happen on stage and off. In the end, everyone wins.


Keep up with your social accounts in one place and make sure they never go "dark". Schedule and automate posts on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and LinkedIn at optimal times so they reach the right people—at the right time.

Still Not Seeing A Plan That Works Perfectly For Your Social Media Needs?

Which Plan Fits Your Brand?

CrowdShare offers an array of plans to suit your Brands needs. The Basic plan is anything but. It’s a great way to get started with CrowdShare. Need a bit more punch? From Advanced to Agency, CrowdShare has just the option for you.

Up to 1 Brand
Up to 10 Fans
Up to 20 Fans
2 Brand Managers
Up to 2 Brands
Up to 50 Fans
3 Brand Managers
Analytics Dashboard
Photo Editor
Video Editor
Up to 3 Brands
Up to 200 Fans
5 Brand Managers
Analytics Dashboard
Photo Editor
Video Editor
Up to 5 Brands
Up to 1000 Fans
10 Brand Managers
Analytics Dashboard
Photo Editor
Video Editor
Up to 5 Agency
Owned Brands
30 Clients Accounts
Up to 5 Managers
Share with 100 Fans
Analytics Dashboard
Photo Editor
Video Editor